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Italian Ironman Triathlon  1998

Mergozzo, Italy
3.8k Swim, 180k Bike, 42.2k Run
Raceresults          Date: September 6th 1998
  Elite Men    
Place Name Nation Total
1 Damian Zepic  ITA 8:39:54 
2 Massimo Monte  ITA 8:57:44 
3 Marco Damiani  ITA 9:00:30 
4 Denis Giovannetti  ITA 9:08:10 
5 Johann Thalhammer  GER 9:22:15 
  Elite Women    
Place Name Nation Total
1 Gisela Hecht  GER 12:20:41 
News from both Renato Locatelli and Mauro Mongarli  "On Sunday, 6th September, the first-ever Ironman-distance race for our country took place in Mergozzo, North Italy. The organizer was the  Zeppelin Triathlon Team with Axioma Sport Services for Sport.
The prize money was about 28,000 USD. "It has been a long-awaited event - so much water has passed under Italian bridges since we had to go to Nice to have a Long Distance Italian Championship ... The race was won by Slovenijan Damian Zepic, who also took 4th place in Klagenfurt's Trimania Ironman, in July. There was a single woman competitor, Gisela Hecht (12:20:41) from Germany.  "They had about 100 registered athletes but dozens of them switched to the Olympic distance triathlon on the same day, because of the rain and wind storm of Saturday evening. There were 57 Ironman starters in all, with three DNFs. "Most of the competitors gave a positive evaluation of the courses as well as of the organization.
The bike courses has been on a "go and  back" 45 km on the same way as well as the marathon 10 km go and back) and some athletes found them a little bit boring. The race bag has been appreciated by all the competitors since they found a lot of useful gadgets (cycling shirt, wheels cover, etc., plus the finisher T-shirt after the finish line. "The race has been covered by the national TV network  (RAI) which will broadcast the service in a couple of days.
The coverage will be also broadcasted by about 45 local TVs distributed all over Italy. "Being the first ever IM distance race held in Italy, the global evaluation is quite positive."

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